This manual will cover the fundamental nutrition recommendation, basic feeding strategies and feeding management for DanBred gilts and sows throughout all production phases.

The DanBred feeding manuals will give an introduction to evidence-based nutrition recommendations for DanBred genetics. The nutritional requirements are based on DanBred research and trials focusing on the knowledge which will help explore the full genetic potential of DanBred while securing both economic and sustainable performance for all DanBred customers.

The DanBred systems give you access to some of the best reproductive animals in the world, and now you can benefit from our unique knowledge of working in the pig pen. To fully utilise the genetic potential that DanBred offers, as well as ensure the best possible economic result, some fundamental production conditions must be met.

In this feed manual, we have chosen to focus solely on what is presented to the animals in the feeders, and therefore what needs to be consumed at each stage of life in order to meet their genetic potential. Getting your herds’ nutrition right represents the greatest opportunity to improve the profitability of your business.

In this manual, we talk about weaners, growers, finishers, gilts, sows and working boars.

The following table gives you a guide as to what size animal we are referring to:

Weight Range Age Range
Gilts 30+ kg 9+ weeks
Sows 170+ kg 44+ weeks (first parity)
Piglets 0-8 kg 0 – 4 weeks
Weaners 8 – 30 kg 4 – 9 weeks
Growers 30 – 60 kg 9 – 15 weeks
Finishers 60 – 100+ kg 15 – 25 weeks
AI Boars 65+ kg 19+ weeks


The full nutrient tables for DanBred genetics can be found here.

Supply Strategies and Nutrient Management for DanBred Genetics

The progress within DanBred genetics has resulted in very productive sows giving birth to large, uniform, fast-growing piglets with a genetic potential for optimal feed conversion, excellent lean meat as well as high growth rates. Achieving ultimate performance on-farm includes careful attention to the feeding levels as well as feed composition for today’s modern DanBred sow. The added effort will be rewarded in the farrowing unit and set a prime starting point on the road to releasing the genetic potential for continued high lifetime productivity.

When feeding DanBred sows the goal is to:

  • Maintain high lifetime productivity and longevity
  • Maximise the number of weaned piglets per litter
  • Boost lactation yield and early piglet growth
  • Reduce the number of non-productive days

DanBred delivers a highly prolific sow with superior litter potential and a strong total economic profit on wean-to-finish pigs.

DanBred Target DanBred Top 25% DanBred Top 5 %
Weaned per litter > 15,5 piglets > 16,5 piglets > 18 piglets
Total born alive > 18 piglets >19 piglets > 20 piglets
Stillborn < 1.9 piglets < 1.9 piglets < 1.2 piglets
Pre-wean mortality < 13 % < 11 % < 10 %
Farrowing percentage > 89 % > 91 % > 92 %
Days from weaning to service < 6 days < 6 days < 6 days

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