The DanBred systems gives you access to some of the best reproductive animals in the world, and now you can also benefit from our unique knowledge of working in the pigpen. We have concentrated many years of experience into the DanBred Manuals in order for you to get the optimum yield from the genetic potential of your DanBred animals.

In the spirit of the Danish agricultural collectives, we share this knowledge with everyone based on our conviction that the better we all become, the better the individual becomes. We only ask for your e-mail address, so we can keep you informed of any updates to the content or new DanBred initiatives.

The long tradition of knowledge sharing has contributed to making Denmark one of the world’s leading countries in pig production, and pig producers using the DanBred system are among the best in the world. Therefore, the whole world looks to us, when it comes to management in the pigpen – and out knowledge can also make pig production an even more profitable business for you.

The Manuals are with you all the way, and they detail precisely how to handle DanBred breeding animals through the most important phases of their lives. The content is based on best practice experiences and is supplemented with images and illustrations, and since DanBred genes are used extensively all over the world, the Manuals are also available in several languages.

We hope that you will use the Manuals actively and share them with your colleagues. Both the new and young as well as those who have many years of experience. Perhaps they can learn something new or contribute with feedback, praise or improvements. All comments are welcome at [email protected] or via +45 4488 1188.

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